#GirlProblems: The Battle of the Blow Out vs. the Gym

There’s nothing that can hinder you from experiencing an endorphin rush at the gym quite like a fresh blow out can. Trust us we’ve fallen into this trap one too many times to the point that #guilty can be written across our foreheads. However, we realize that exercise is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to embrace the simple tools we have hidden away on our bathroom countertops in order to get our heart pumping, blood circulating and tushy’s tightening. 

Fix your pre-workout routine and we don’t mean the energy drinks

We’re usually so concerned with getting our workout over with that we forget we can take steps to care of our locks before we even hit the stair master. Applying Anti-Frizz Serum before you work out curbs the chances of your head turning into a frizzy mess by sealing your hair from the dampness of sweat. 

Opt for new styles 

The last thing any girl wants is to feel like her hair is turning into something that looks like belongs to Medusa. However, tying your hair into a tight pony tail is usually not the answer. Avoid getting dents by simply choosing to pull your hair away from your eyes and neck differently. Try a loose bun or a fun braid to add not only keep you from turning into a sweaty mess but also to add volume post-workout. 

Moisturize your mane

Shampooing is great and all, but there is such a thing as over doing it. By washing your hair even after every work out you’re stripping the hair of it’s natural oils whilst drying it out as a consequence. If you absolutely feel like you cannot go on rinse your hair out either with conditioner or try the Ultimate Leave-In Potion after wetting your locks for instant hydration.