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Cuts for the Cure Aims to Make A Difference

May 20, 2015 – Houston, Texas, known to many as Space City or the Oil and Gas mecca of the country is often times forgotten for one of its other great contributions – medicine. When 21st Century Laboratory decided to create a cause-based brand all they had to do was look into their own backyard. With the Texas Medical Center housing one of the nation’s leading cancer centers their direction became clear and Cureology Beauty was born.

“We pride ourselves in being a local Houston company; giving back has always been a natural extension of what we do,” said Frank Tavakoli, Founder and CEO of 21st Century Laboratory.

Cureology, which specializes in creating boutique salon hair care products, donates 10% of all proceeds towards breast cancer screening, research and education. The brand is now partnering up with local salons starting in the month of June to sponsor Cuts for the Cure, a hair donation drive, throughout the greater Houston area.

Cuts for the Cure will collect healthy hair to donate to the American Cancer Society in an effort to not only fight cancer, but to make the journey for those combatting the disease easier. The wigs will be distributed amongst cancer patients who have lost their hair during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

To be a qualifying donor one must have uncolored and/or unbleached hair that has been free of any sort of chemical treatments. Healthy hair that is at a minimum of 10 inches long will be donated. Those who qualify can mark the first Monday of every month on their calendars to see their local stylist. As a show of gratitude qualifying donors will receive their hair cut free of charge.

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Helen Kamali 
(832) 418-8357


Cureology Donates 10% of Proceeds to Breast Cancer Charities Year Round

February 27, 2015 – HOUSTON – 21st Century Laboratory has created many boutique hair care lines over the past two decades but decided they wanted to do more than just give back to charities throughout various periods of the year – they wanted to do it continuously.  The brainchild of 21st Century Research Laboratory, Cureology Beauty, is the latest innovative hair care line conceived with a cause in mind.      

Located in Houston, Texas with one of the leading cancer research centers in the country, it became obvious the direction the company was going to take. Breast cancer became the chosen cause due to its large impact on women.

Cureology Beauty’s focus and mission is to give back and bring greater attention and awareness to various breast cancer charities and foundations.  Ten percent of proceeds from all Cureology hair care products are donated to breast cancer charities year round to support research, screening and education.  Cureology partners with salons and distributors to donate to charities of their choosing – usually in their state or region.  Recent donations have been made to Avon Foundation, Susan G. Komen and D’Feet Breast Cancer Inc. 

However, it is not just what Cureology Beauty stands for that makes it so special, it is also what goes in it, and more importantly what doesn’t. Cureology Beauty is free of cocamide MEA, sodium hydroxide (Salts), PEGs, fillers, waxes, gluten, phthalates, sulfates and parabens.

About Cureology

The Cureology line’s main component is a quinoa based complex that effectively works to rebuild proteins in the hair that have been stripped out by pollutants, chemical processes and thermal damage. 21st Century also uses a 5 step water filtration process (filtration, activated carbon, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and ultraviolet light), which purifies the water so thoroughly that no harmful chemicals are needed to maintain product quality. Products are cold processed, so the botanicals, plant extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals remain intact, and microemulsion technology ensures that molecules are incorporated into products in micron size, making a far better emulsion of oils in water.  The significance being that the product works faster and more efficiently. 
The hair care line protects colored hair and has an anti-fade complex that shields hair against UVA, UVB and pollutants. Cureology expertly adds volume, thickness and body to limp hair.       

Press Contact
Helen Kamali
(832) 418-8357